Our departments are well furnished with the research facilities . Our departments has spacious laboratories and class rooms and well equipped instruments and equipped with basic amenities and resources for professional need. It has a library with rich and thoughtful collection of latest resource books, Journals.

Department: Pharmacology

  Name & Designation Qualification Experience
Dr.Manjunath.V. Jali, Professor & Principal M. PHARM, Ph. D. 30 Yrs.
Dr.H.N. Girish, Professor & Head M. PHARM, Ph. D 26 Yrs.
Dr.R.L.N. Murthy, Associate Professor M. PHARM, Ph. D 20 Yrs.
Smt. Sumahitha, Asst.Professor M. PHARM 02 Yrs.
Miss. Yamini B. PHARM 01 Yr.

Department: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  Name & Designation Qualification Experience
Dr.B. Somasekhar , Professor & Head M. PHARM, Ph. D. 26 Yrs.
Smt.N.Lavanya, Asst.Professor M. PHARM 6 Yrs.
Smt.N.Lavanya M. PHARM 6 Yrs.

Department: Pharmacognosy

  Name & Designation Qualification Experience
Dr.H.N.Nataraj, Assoc. Professor & Head M. PHARM, Ph. D. 20 Yrs.
Dr.H.Kirana, Assoc. Professor M. PHARM, Ph. D. 20 Yrs.

Department: Pharmaceutics

  Name & Designation Qualification Experience
Dr.K.M. Manjanna, Asst.Professor & Head M. PHARM, Ph.D 13 Yrs.
Sri.Shiva Krishna M. PHARM 06 Yrs.
Miss.S.Keerthi Prathyusha,Asst.Professor M. PHARM 04 Yrs.
Sri. G. Govinda Reddy, Asst. Professor M. PHARM 04 Yrs.
Sri. Sampoorna Balaji Vege M. PHARM 01 Yrs.
Miss. Preethi G, Asst. Professor M. PHARM 01 Yrs.
Smt. Rosy Cherian, Lecturer B. PHARM 05 Yrs.

Department: Pharmacy Practice

  Name & Designation Qualification Experience
Mr. Arun J, Asst. Professor M. PHARM. 05 Yrs.
Dr.Nisi Grace Kuriakose Asst.Professor Pharm D. 02 Yr.
Dr. Jasmine Ann John, , Asst. Professor Pharm D. 02 Yr.
Dr. A. Ravi Shankar, Asst. Professor Pharm D. 02 Yr.